Blackmon sex abuse case montgomery alabama

United States, U. Downs also testified that it was his opinion that Dominiqua's recent injuries were consistent with having been made by a pool cue. This aggravating circumstance was not an element of the capital offense. Wasn't a failed CPR attempt or trained doctors, board-certified, some specialists in forensic pathology said no. Prospective juror 34, a black female, who indicated during voir dire that she knew a relative of the victim's. This is not involved in this case, so let's just stay away from that. One wound to the chest was so forceful as to leave the imprint of a sandal mark on the child's chest. It is surely rational to achieve that goal by increasing penalties for those who sell drugs near schools. On appeal, Blackmon argues, for the first time, that the jury instruction was not sufficient to comply with Carter v.

Blackmon sex abuse case montgomery alabama

There is no inference of purposeful discrimination in violation of J. That is both sides. Nonetheless, the Court considered this mitigating circumstance. There were numerous injuries on the child's body that were old. Blackmon is a one-time University of Alabama golfer who has received recognition for donating money to Crimson Tide athletics. Recently, the Alabama Supreme Court adopted our holding in Poole. The victim would have experienced a lot of pain during the beating. The circuit court followed the jury's recommendation and sentenced Blackmon to death. In the typical peremptory challenge inquiry, the decisive question will be whether counsel's race-neutral explanation for a peremptory challenge should be believed. At the hearing on the motion for a change of venue, two media representatives testified. The case presented difficult evidentiary questions and will likely present equally difficult appellate issues. Blackmon called several witnesses to testify in her defense. A virtual identification will not exist where the prosecutor's comments were directed toward the fact that the State's evidence was uncontradicted, or had not been denied. At the beginning of trial the circuit court gave an instruction concerning the comments made by the prosecutor and defense counsel. The problem for defendants is that such expert testimony makes it very difficult to rebut any accounts no matter how strange. Attorneys for Plott, 35, said she felt vindicated by the judge's decision, released Nov. She challenges the instruction given, which was virtually identical to the one she requested. Attorneys for Plott, 35, said she felt vindicated by the judge's decision, released Nov. Thus, in a case in which there has been only an indirect reference to a defendant's failure to testify, in order for the comment to constitute reversible error, there must have been a virtual identification of the defendant as the person who did not become a witness. Neither was Blackmon's sentence disproportionate or excessive when compared to penalties imposed in similar cases. Blackmon argues that her conviction violates the United States Supreme Court's decision in Apprendi v. Blackmon's attorneys argued unsuccessfully that many of Plott's claims were too wild to believe and unsupported by evidence. She never attempted to perform CPR. Blackmon's counsel at trial argued that Dominiqua's death could have been the result of improperly performed attempts to revive the victim. He further stated that the injuries were beyond that needed to cause death. Testimony also showed that Blackmon had sole charge of the child from the time her father-in-law saw the two of them earlier on the evening of the murder until the time of the child's death. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Blackmon sex abuse case montgomery alabama

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  1. Maybe the Court is a last resort from the impassioned pleas of attorneys, the passion of the jury verdict, because after all, as I indicated before, this is a court of law and not passion or emotion.

  2. Blackmon next challenges several of the circuit court's jury instructions. Blackmon had testified his daughter's case against him was "an absolute lie.

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