Brazilian slang sex

Though there is no equivalent to the word "nigger" as in a word that is offensive in and of itself , "preto" is the most used pejorative word for black people. Two appropriate gestures for use with this word are shown in the video below. Profanity is a critical part of the international lexicon. However, the word definitions would fit perfectly in Wiktionary , please feel free to move them there. Such is the way of a gendered language.

Brazilian slang sex

Note that any fair use images uploaded after 4 May, , and lacking such an explanation will be deleted one week after they have been uploaded, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. No, not like cocaine for your vagina. But if you can learn to do it, no one will ever doubt your Brazilian credentials. If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. And most likely if you pick the opposite of what someone else thinks you are, they might correct you. Unencyclopedic writing[ edit ] This is extremely unencyclopedic. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is not a dictionary , so it is not appropriate here. Photo in Nitoroi by Szymon Kochanski. Such nonverbal communication is integral, culturally specific, and almost never taught in Portuguese classes. It's different from the word "Veado" which means "deer". A typical Brazilian kiss. Even a very famous song in the 90's in Brazil was called "Japa Girl" sng by Supla Enrabar[ edit ] Enrabar and "levar no cu" are also very common in Portugal, much more than encular —Preceding unsigned comment added by Please go to the image description page and edit it to include a fair use rationale. The following, however, are key to almost every conversation — at least, the fun ones. Even though this is technically a curse word, I hear it all the time here in Rio. Use it to describe everything and everyone. It is primarily used, however, to refer to the "Moors" or to insult southern Portuguese people. I would say there are 3 ways in which it is most popularly used: Alan McBrazil Burger talk For a woman or a feminine noun, use gostosa go-STO-sah. It appears to have been primarily popular in the 60ss, and is rarely used now. To be used to call someone a fag or a homo, literally, in an offensive way. The term its used because in a academic context the term Latin America doesn't help that much, too broad of a term that ignores the huge cultural differences in history and culture between hispanic and portuguese america. There are exceptions, however: Should we delist the word "puta" because it is offensive to prostitutes, or the word "baitola" because it is abusive of homosexuals? This word is used whenever someone thinks something is awesome. When a fellow training partner first said this word I made him say it like 5 times before I was sure I could remember it.

Brazilian slang sex

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Brazilian Portuguese: Lesson on sexual slang

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  1. To be used to call someone a sissy, a pussy, a wuss, a girlyboy, etc. Are they the only ones that take words from other languages and make them mean a whole different thing?

  2. Profanities by geographical region[ edit ] Similarly to other internationally spoken languages, Portuguese profanities' offensiveness varies with context and geographical location, even within the same country.

  3. Dictionary This is a collection of some of the slang, colloquialisms, and phrases that I have learned during my time in Brazil.

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