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The first book to take a person-centered approach to resident sexuality in long-term care, this groundbreaking training tool represents sexual expression as a significant part of personality, explains why it is important to honor longings for intimacy, and provides strategies for teaching staff how to effectively and respectfully acknowledge those needs. This program shows couples how to achieve effective sexual communication. This program is shared between the woman in the video, her partner, and you. Anyone dealing with prostate cancer will find in these pages comfort and insight, as well as specific advice for coping, healing, and moving forward in the spirit of healing and love. Laurie Betito gives readers techniques for reconnecting with their partners, bringing experimentation in long-term sexual relationships, and tips on how to handle sex and dating. Discover a wealth of information on powerful lovemaking, including techniques for cultivating sexual energy, oral sex, positions, masturbation and sexual synchronization with your partner. Anne Katz includes both the medical information necessary to understanding the disease and firsthand accounts from cancer patients and survivors and their partners. Designed for men, and created by leading sex educators, therapists and physicians, this DVD is designed to refuel erotic desire, empower you with techniques to satisfy your partner, and provide methods to improve overall sexual health and wellbeing.

Buy sex dvds

This new resource by Gayle Appel Doll meets the challenge head on, exploring the issues surrounding sexual expression from all perspectives. The viewer is also invited to watch as she successfully tests the effectiveness of the program through explicitly portrayed exercises. About women but aimed directly at both partners, this video guides women into an appreciation of their own sexuality, while showing how male partners can offer assistance and support in reaching orgasm. Ginger is a registered nurse, university professor, certified sex therapist. Anne Katz includes both the medical information necessary to understanding the disease and firsthand accounts from cancer patients and survivors and their partners. This program is shared between the woman in the video, her partner, and you. Her techniques are ideal for anyone looking for a new way to heal from trauma, beyond traditional talk therapy. Her responses are filled with great information, covering a variety of important topics, and her responses are shared in a respectful, compassionate, wise and funny manner. Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava. Highly recommended read for all women of all ages! It also needs to accommodate the myriad of physical, emotional, and social changes that happen in late middle-age. The shame that is associated with the inability to have vaginal penetrations often forces women into hiding behind a veil of silence. Also features tips on navigating tricky topics like making peace with your belly, coping with weight-related prejudice, and creating a happy, satisfying sex life. From anatomy and prostate health, techniques to supercharge your orgasm, illustrated tips and how-to guides, safety and hygiene information, sexual positions, accessories and so much more. It is a place for transgender and gender-questioning people, their partners and families, students, professors, guidance counselors, and others to look for up-to-date information on transgender life. This program will help you to: Learn valuable techniques to recognize roadblocks in your marriage and how to rekindle romance and discover deeply satisfying intimacy. Filled with explicit techniques and tips for the hottest sex imaginable, each chapter focuses on individual elements of lesbian sex while also providing frank advice about lesbian dating and relationships, gender, identity, and sexual culture. Softcover, pp Reclaiming Your Sexual Self: This clear account of the factors that shape and influence our sexual selves. It addresses the question of how, in an increasingly person-centered care culture, long-term care facilities balance individual resident rights against the needs and concerns of the community as a whole. This book includes a ten-day OM starter program, as well as OMing secrets and exercises for an extended and satisfying female orgasm. Also addressed are common physical and sexual issues that mature couples may encounter and provides tips and solutions that are fun and exciting. By practicing the exercises for breathing, mediation, and massage, you may intensify your orgasms and cultivate sexual energy for increased vitality in the rest of your life. Ginger compiled questions she received from readers in her monthly column, as well her lectures series. This program shows couples how to achieve effective sexual communication. Covering everything from dating, sex toy and positioning.

Buy sex dvds

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