Man sues mcdonalds over sex video

But if you can argue that McDonald's has done this millions and millions of times, it adds up. It would just seem forgive me too cheesy. I mean, power to you, but how does this become a thing? The young man kicked off after claiming his order was taking too long — but has been seen in other prank videos in the past Picture: McDonald's is accused in the complaint of failing to preserve the video recording of the drive-thru area where the alleged drink spiking took place, by deleting the video. Advertisement Advertisement The video, posted to Instagram, begins with the customer clapping his hands together and shouting at the crowd of waiting customers. In the footage posted online, the half-naked man smashes two milkshakes together after climbing onto a counter in the fast food restaurant before screaming: It appears the person in the video may be a serial prankster. I get that this is an attempt to build a class action lawsuit, but who thinks of suing McDonald's over a slice or two of cheese?

Man sues mcdonalds over sex video

There has to be something more going on here. That's only one of the many key legal terms in the page complaint. If you're a McDonald's Quarter Pounder customer who doesn't like cheese, maybe you'll see a little something out of it. The man involved may have been acting out for a prank, and has sparked anger in the past for similar clips. Getty Images Maybe you read recently about the lawsuit against McDonald's , in which two people sued McDonald's for not giving them a discount when they ordered Quarter Pounders without cheese. Maybe you even laughed? They filed a motion to dismiss the case from federal court in Florida a week ago. Suboxone is sold as a film that dissolves in the mouth. Here's the background, the official response from McDonald's, and the big question this all leads to. Jul 8, More from Inc. Less cheese equals "unjust enrichment" First, the lawsuit. Personally, I haven't eaten a Quarter Pounder in years, so I couldn't tell you. Back to the lawsuit, which McDonald's claims spouts "nonsense" when it suggests that "retail restaurants have some legal obligation to reduce the price of a standard menu item to reflect the customer's decision to decline some ingredient or component of that item. The plaintiff said that police responded to the hospital and took the drink for testing at the Utah State Crime Lab. Another might be "class action. As he leaves, picking up his clothes, he leaves a trail of milk in his wake. How is this a thing? As for me, I just don't get it. I am having sensations in my arms and everything is moving slowly. I don't think I'd want the money if I were actually entitled to it. A lot of people did. McDonald's is accused in the complaint of failing to preserve the video recording of the drive-thru area where the alleged drink spiking took place, by deleting the video. It would just seem forgive me too cheesy. McDonald's Sounds the Alarm: Walker demanded a trial by jury in the complaint and sought relief for damages caused to him during the incident.

Man sues mcdonalds over sex video

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