The magic wand sex toy

Advertisement If you haven't experienced the Magic Wand, you're probably thinking something along the lines of Um, hello, I already know how to use a vibrator. Have you ever used the Magic Wand before? I mean, to each their own, but … yeah. Most women consider it their go-to. But rarely do I use it right against my skin anymore. Alternately, you can purchase aftermarket accessories that provide finer control over the speed. It used to be called The Hitachi Magic Wand, but the product was rebranded to just being called the Magic Wand in recent years.

The magic wand sex toy

It is, in a word, efficient, if you know what I mean and I think you do. A little backstory on the Wand: Would you recommend it? Well, the Wand is a little different -- in that it's got a startling amount of supercharged horsepower in its tennis-ball-sized head. The main benefit of the Wand is also its biggest drawback: For me, it is the only thing that can at times surpass the Magic Wand. And, understandably, my female followers wanted to see an article written with them in mind. Have you ever used the Magic Wand before? There were a few forerunners all of which are mentioned near the end of this article , but the name that popped up by FAR the most frequently was the Magic Wand. Not easy for travel. It almost feels torturous and there is something sexy about that. For most people this is an external use only toy, unless you buy a special attachment or something. He actually finds it really sexy. I think any woman or couple looking to enhance their orgasms would find great value in this toy. I use it independently of a man. Because it is such a powerful vibration, I try to hold it firmer and longer, even after my orgasm is finished. The following women that I quoted range in age from , and they live all around the world. I mean, to each their own, but … yeah. So I enlisted the help of my thousands of female readers by asking them a series of questions. I never EVER had trouble on that front. Using with a partner is also fun. I do like it as a toy for play with a partner though! The toy is so strong that the immediate reaction is to move it when your body is peaking. I also find it prolongs the orgasm and builds me up for the next one. Also, keep it in a drawer your kids aren't likely to poke around in, lest this happen to you: The pros and cons were quite consistent from all of my interviewees across the board. The good news is that it's electric, so you never need worry about the inconvenience of a battery crapping out during a critical moment, and it's surprisingly powerful.

The magic wand sex toy

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Hitachi Magic Wand Demo and Review

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  1. For most people this is an external use only toy, unless you buy a special attachment or something. Not easy for travel.

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