Wife sex with other men

Many of the men I interviewed got a thrill, a sense of being "king" that they had a wife who was so sexy, that other men wanted to be with, but who ultimately came home with him, the husband. A friend, and a wife interviewed in my first book, told me that when she was working as a manager at a brothel, one of the women always called her husband on her cellphone, before bringing a man back to her room for a "party. After watching their wife with another man, the husband is prompted biologically to have longer, more vigorous sex, has a shorter refractory period between erections, ejaculates harder, and his ejaculate contains more sperm. Hurt by her husbands choice of words, Alecia feared her marriage was on the rocks. Many of the men expressed that through their wife's open sexuality, the couple was actively and consciously rejecting social pressures to suppress female sexuality, assert monogamy and patriarchal power. This fantasy spilt over into real life. We got on well, he was a good provider, very social and was keen to have a family. I saw many men who reported that their wives were highly sexual beings, with a greater sexual capacity, and it simply turned the husbands on and pleased them to be able to see their wives sexually satisfied, at a degree that a single husband couldn't match.

Wife sex with other men

I think a discussion of this phenomenon deserves consideration of all the reasons and motivations. Some of the reasons were nice, and some were not so nice. This, in turn, stems from the cuckoo bird, which has a tendency to lay its eggs in another bird's nest. Then one day, Mark came into the kitchen with his phone. On the contrary, he actively encouraged her to be unfaithful. We were adventurous, and sex was frequent. Sometimes, the husbands were very concerned about being seen as heterosexual, but they spent an awful lot of time looking for well-endowed men for their wife. I did see a number of men who reported that due to physical complaints, they weren't able to be as vigorous in bed as they and their wives would like. All that aside, we were a happy couple Our sex life was satisfying. Wives simply do not often or unprompted go to their husbands and request they have permission to have sex with other men. For more stories like this, visit whimn. I saw many men who reported that their wives were highly sexual beings, with a greater sexual capacity, and it simply turned the husbands on and pleased them to be able to see their wives sexually satisfied, at a degree that a single husband couldn't match. I was attracted to him from the outset. He got obsessed with me having sex with my tattoo artist. It made the men feel powerful and successful, that they had such a sexy wife. My resentment towards Mark grew. I even let him pick my clothes to be the woman he wanted me to be. Check out Craigslist, and you'll see Leopold's modern counterparts Leopold's interest in the experience was specifically the humiliation aspects, of being cuckolded, treated as weak, lesser, and not a real man. While the wives by and large were happy with things as they were, the husbands often felt their wife's loss of sexual satisfaction more strongly than the wife themselves, and were motivated to encourage the wife to sleep with other men. He often told me about his hook-ups. I also speculate that there is a degree of vicarious experience here - by being a part of the experience, the husband gets to vicariously experience what it's like to have that greater sexual capacity, and identifies in a strong manner with his wife and the essence of female sexuality in a way that most men never experience. Many men told me "My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world to me, I'd rather watch her having sex than some porn actress I don't know. However, soon after we started dating, I noticed something different about Mark. Our son was born when I was After a recent study showed more people are trying out cuckholding, the Metro asked a few men via an anonymous sex app called Whiplr why they like cuckholding or being cuckholded.

Wife sex with other men

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